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December 1, 2023


In rethinking the enlargement of the European
Union, the Jean Monnet workshop opens the
debate on ‘security/stability through democracy’
or ‘democracy through security/stability’.

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May 5, 2023

Dutch Position on EU Enlargement

Guest talk with Jana van der Linden and Aleksandar Momirov on how the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Permanent Representation and the Dutch Embassies in the Western Balkans region all closely work together on articulating the Dutch position in the negotiations and decision-making on Enlargement in the Council of the European Union…

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June 19, 2023

The Geopolitical Necessity of the EU Accession

The Member of the European Parliament, Thijs Reuten, gave a lecture on the geopolitical situation in Ukraine, Moldova, and the wider region. Mr. Reuten also provided his perspectives on the complex political questions around the EU enlargement process in the Western Balkans….

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May 23, 2023

EU Enlargement Rounds and Dilemmas

Dr. Dorian Jano gave an engaging online presentation on the decades-long history of EU enlargement, introducing the conceptual and theoretical debates and showcased how the process has proceeded over time through its successful and unsuccessful cases…

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Enlargement and External Relations of the EU

Jean Monnet Module 2022-2025

Since its foundation, the European Union, parallel to its more profound (vertical) integration process, has been extending the geographic scope of the political and legal acquis to third European countries. The main objective of the project is to understand the evolution of EU enlargement policy, its legal foundations, and the political debates; to identify the state-of-play and challenges in the current Accession process; to re-think the EU role, its political objectives, and policy mechanism towards EU enlargement critically and offer policy recommendations to tack the current EU enlargement dilemmas and policy deadlocks.

The module will combine traditional lectures with case studies and guest speakers and visiting lecturers, bringing specific regional expertise.

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach focusing on the political and legal aspects of the process, and a two-fold perspective looking at the internal (institutional, policy, and legal framework) and the external aspects (relations with and impact in accession countries) of EU Enlargement.

The JM project includes a revised BA course in EU External Relations Law, and a new MA course in EU Enlargement Policy and Europeanisation, a conference on EU External Governance: Geopolitics, Policy, and Legal Approaches; a workshop on Re-thinking EU Enlargement and an edited volume.

Meet the EnlargEU Jean Monnet team

Dr. Zamira Xhaferi is a full-time Lecturer in European Law at the European Studies Department of the University of Amsterdam. Her previous roles include a Lecturer in European law at the University of Wuerzburg, University of Fulda, THUAS Netherlands, a project coordinator and a PhD researcher in EU law at Maastricht University, a legal coordinator and researcher for the office of the Albanian Prime Minister and an attorney at law in one of the leading law firms in Albania. Zamira has received a PhD degree in European Law from Maastricht University, an Advanced Master of Laws degree in International and European Economic Law from Maastricht University, a Double Master degree in Law and Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Hamburg University, and a bachelor of laws degree from the University of Tirana (summa cum laude). Zamira has also received individual research grants for research visits at the Europa Kolleg Hamburg, Max Planck Institute, and Wuerzburg University. Zamira is a member of the Amsterdam School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies. Zamira has also successfully passed the bar exam and is qualified to practice law.


Dr. Dorian Jano has been a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for South-East European Studies at the University of Graz, working on the project “Revisiting Europeanization in Southeast Europe“. In 2014, he was the Jean Monnet Chair on EU Enlargement and its Impact on the Western Balkans. He has been visiting scholar at the Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas (U.S.A), and research fellow at the Institute for European Integration (Europa-Kolleg in Hamburg), the Institute for Advanced Studies (Collegium Budapest). He holds a PhD in Political Studies from the University of Milan, a MA (MIREES) from the University of Bologna, and a BA from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies. His academic and research interest focuses on EU enlargement, Europeanization and South-Eastern Europe. He has presented on these topics at academic conferences and published in peer-reviewed academic journals. For more information about Dr. Jano’s scientific work, including publications in the WoS collections and peer reviews, please visit his Web of Science Researcher Profile.





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